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Sporty streetwear – hot sports luxe pieces

Sporty streetwear – hot sports luxe pieces

For decades now, sportswear has been crossing over into the realm of hot fashion and most of the big sportswear brands combine function and performance with style that’s fit for the street. And especially as we’ve seen a resurgence in the 90s trend which was big on sportswear, now is the time to let the trend into your everyday wardrobe.

Think big brand sports labels, practical and lightweight materials and fun prints and motifs. We love our fitness and exercise so it’s a win-win situation when you can take the comfort of your sportswear and turn it into trendy streetwear. Here are some of our favourite women’s picks for this season.

The Puffa Original

Puffa Originals are a favourite with the countryside set thanks to their durability and toastiness, but in the 1990s their designs were favourites with supermodels and celebrities. Aside from their more farmer-esque designs, Puffa Originals have also released a range that is edgier, cooler and harks back to the 90s. Puffer jackets are a big hit this season anyway, so why not go for the original and best with this fun slogan-emblazoned one?! Asos stocks the range so check it out.


Stretchy, form fitting and of course supremely comfy, our love affair with leggings looks like it’s never going to die out and we couldn’t be happier. Perfect for casual wear that lets you be active at the drop of a hat, leggings are everywhere. We suggest spending a little bit more to get good quality ones that aren’t too thin or see-through, and we are massive fans of these ones from the Ted Baker activewear range. With a gorgeous design, they’re not too over-the-top, and will look great both on the treadmill and on the go.


Trainers are the saviours for our feet and happily these days there are as fashionable as any cripplingly high heels could be. Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma – all of these brands and many more besides produce fantastic streetwear trainers that’ll look good with your leggings, jeans, skirts and more. We really like this grey and pink pair from New Balance which is going to look great this winter.


Wearing a hoodie is basically as close as you can get to wearing pyjamas yet in an acceptable way. Cosy and comfy, they’ll help to beat that winter cold and look especially great when teamed with skinny bottoms like leggings. There are loads of brands and motifs to choose from, but we suggest keeping it simple with a grey, black or white number featuring a big name sports brand, like the one in the picture.

We hope that the sportswear to streetwear trend never dies out since it lends itself perfectly to practical and comfortable casual wear that is multi-functional too. With the January sales now on, check out what’s on offer to assemble your perfect sporty look.


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