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3 easy ways to increase your fitness levels

3 easy ways to increase your fitness levels

January can be a month where we all feel a bit tired and sluggish; the festivities of December are all over, our bank accounts are looking a little grim and we’re feeling the over-indulgence and lack of daylight. One easy and practical way to combat all of the doom and gloom of January though is to up your fitness levels and start releasing those endorphins!

Exercise does of course make you happy and can improve your mood, so even if you’re not actually a fan of doing it at the time, you’re going to revel in the benefits afterwards. You don’t have to hard-core start hitting the gym though; sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. If you’re a bit of an exercise-phobe but want to get fitter, here are 3 easy ways to increase your fitness levels.

  1. Take the stairs

It may not be exciting and it may not be rocket science, but taking the stairs more is an easy way to burn calories and get in a bit of cardio. Sure getting the lift or escalators is easy but taking the stairs isn’t exactly difficult. And even if you need to get to the 20th floor of the building, you can always walk the first 3 or 4 flights before getting the lift the rest of the way. It’s free and won’t take time out of your day, so skip the lift and start walking.

  1. Shake up your commute

These days most of us have some form of commute, so why not alter it a little to squeeze in that bit more exercise into your day. If you drive to the train station, then park in the furthest corner away in the car park. If you take the bus, get on a stop later than you normally would or get off a stop early. For those car drivers amongst you, try parking a little further away from the office if you can to walk a little further. And if you live within 10km of your workplace, why not get on your bike? More and more cycle lanes are starting to crop up especially in major cities – just remember your helmet, lights and reflective clothing. And if you live not too far from your work and can walk there in say under 45 minutes, then put your trainers on and get power walking!

  1. Free moments can be exercise moments

One of the most common excuses that people use to wriggle out of exercising is that they simply don’t have enough time, but it’s actually really easy to make time. For example instead of browsing your phone for an hour on your lunch break, go a brisk 20 minute walk before coming back to eat your lunch. Or when you’re watching TV in the evening, use the advert breaks to do 10-15 push ups or sit ups. You’re not going to mind the tiny amount of time that they take to do and you’ll soon start to notice results.

So no more excuses – with these little tips you can easily start to increase your fitness levels and set yourself upon the path to achieving your exercise goals!

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