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Getting fit – on a budget!

Getting fit – on a budget!

At this time of the year it feels like we are completely bombarded with advertisements telling us to get fit and to join the gym. And while the getting fit part is a pretty good idea, especially if you’re clothes are feeling a little tight after the over-indulgence of Christmas and New Year,  you don’t have to join a gym, whatever those adverts say!

Unless you know that you thrive best in a gym environment or want to use specialised equipment or know you’ll be in the pool every day, for a large portion of us a gym membership can be a tie and a drain rather than something useful. And once the first flush of January enthusiasm is over, can you honestly say you’ll be disciplined enough to make the fee worth it? Don’t worry though, you can easily up your fitness levels without hitting the gym, and here are some budget ways to do it.

The equipment

You don’t have to go mad and splash out on rowing machines or cross-fit trainers – with around £20 you’ll be able to sort yourself out with a few home gym essentials. A yoga mat is a great place to start since you can not only do your floor work like push ups and sit ups on it, but you can also use it for all of your stretching too. Next, if you’ve a got a back garden, buy yourself a skipping rope and a hula hoop. Both are inexpensive and will give you a good cardio hit even if you can only spare ten minutes a day to do it. As for weights, unless you’re a serious weight-lifter, just use filled up bottles of water in varying sizes – this is a cheap and simple method for building up those muscles.


Your sportswear doesn’t always have to be an exclusive designer brand, and especially if you’re exercising in and around the house, an old t-shirt and some leggings or shorts are going to do just fine. Do invest in a decent pair of trainers though and for the ladies a good supportive sports bra too. If you’re planning on taking your training outdoors, then sweatpants, hoodies and waterproofs are all your friends and chances are you already own them!

The great outdoors

We are lucky enough that we don’t tend to get really extreme weather conditions in this country, so even in the bleak midwinter (basically January!) you’ll be able to get outside and do some training. Power walking, hill sprints, jogging and interval training are all great ways to start getting yourself in shape and improving on your speed times, so wrap up warm and get out there in the fresh air.

Video tutorials

And finally, although the shops are full of various celeb fitness videos, unless you’re a super fan, you don’t need to fork out for one. Have a look to see if you already own one or alternatively hit the internet to discover the huge range of free fitness vids out there. From yoga to Pilates, aerobics, zumba and much more, you’ll be able to find the right exercise video to suit you.

So save your pennies this January and keep your exercising to a purse-friendly budget that is still going to see results, follow these simple tips.


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